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Why Consider Roof Adaptation When Getting a New Roof?

Why Consider Roof Adaptation When Getting a New Roof?

You’ll need to cover all the bases when investing in a roof replacement. But aside from the usual discussion about roofing materials, customization and warranty coverage, you’ll need to consider if your new roof can effectively adapt to the changes posed by the altered climate and local environment.

What Is Roof Adaptation?

This refers to the ability of your new roofing system to adjust to future changes. The fact is, extreme weather events are getting worse, and, coupled with growing urbanization, it’s not boding well for the environment. Based on experimental observations by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA GISS), global temperatures continue to rise. The United Nations Population Division also notes that a growing number of the world’s population is shifting to urban areas. The result is increased potential for extreme weather events and power outages.

You’ll want your new roofing to be able to take on these changes, which is where roof adaptation comes into play. This means investing in features that allow your new system to adapt, ensuring it can provide the superior weather protection and lasting performance you expect. Your roof should be:

  1. Durable enough to overcome storms.

  2. Resilient, so that it can withstand any weather condition.

  3. Able to bounce back quickly to its good condition even after a storm.

  4. Safe for both humans and the environment.

  5. Energy-efficient to reduce carbon footprint.

How Your Roof Can Adapt

Check the roofing products offered by your trusted local roofer. A1 Roofing & Construction, for example, is a GAF Master Elite® company, which means you get access to some of the highest quality shingle roofing systems available today. We’ll make it easy for your new roof to adapt to any future changes with our exceptional selection.

Our GAF Timberline® ArmorShield™ Shingles, for example, offers incredible impact resistance, allowing them to withstand damage from hail or wind-blown debris. We also have our GAF Timberline CS Shingles, which come with highly reflective properties that reduce attic heat buildup and help save on cooling energy. They make it easy for your new roof to handle any blistering heat caused by rising global temperatures. And, because we are a certified roofing contractor, you can expect us to install these options in a timely and efficient manner.

Look no further than A1 Roofing & Construction for your roof replacement needs. We serve the areas in and around Providence and Warwick, RI, and New Bedford, MA. Call us today at (401) 265-1019, or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.