Why Cedar Shake Roofs Are a Popular Choice

Why Cedar Shake Roofs Are a Popular Choice

Building a home challenges you to make decisions upon decisions at every step of the construction process. Selecting which roofing material to go with, for example, can be quite exhausting. You want to make as prudent a choice as possible, especially when you consider how much of your budget will be spent at this juncture.

Why Cedar Shake Roofs Are a Popular Choice

To make decision-making a bit easier, start looking at more preferred options first. Case in point: cedar shakes. Why have cedar shake roofs become as popular as they are now? A1 Roofing and Construction Company discusses more below.

Beauty Over Time

Most synthetic alternatives are made to mimic the look of natural materials like cedar wood. The closer they appear to look like wood, the better. This is a testament to how the beauty of using cedar shakes is unmatched by metal or asphalt shingles. The great look of wood also improves as it ages.


Cedar shakes have also proven to be quite durable. They can last for many decades as long as proper maintenance and roof repair measures are undertaken regularly. Inspections after severe weather occurrences are particularly important.

Energy Efficiency

Being a responsible homeowner also means ensuring that your home consumes as little energy as possible. Wood provides great insulation, which translates into heating and cooling savings when you need them the most. Homes in colder climates will hold in heat more efficiently. Cedar roofs also help keep homes cooler during the warmer months.

Not every roofing contractor you come across will be great at installing cedar shakes. Hire proven specialists in cedar shake roofing like A1 Roofing and Construction Company that can guarantee their installation. If you are considering getting a cedar shake roof, reach out to us at (401) 265-1019. We offer free estimates for residents of Providence or Warwick, RI, as well as New Bedford, MA.