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Tips for an Effective Roof Emergency Action Plan

Tips for an Effective Roof Emergency Action Plan

Your roof protects your entire property against storms, changing weather and extreme temperatures. Its position makes it the first to get hit by storms – sometimes severely. That is why even excellently manufactured roofing materials still need regular inspections and upkeep to maintain their functionality and durability. You should also have a roof emergency plan so you won’t forget any crucial steps.

Roof Emergency Action Plan

If you have yet to make a roof emergency action plan, here are a few things you should include to prepare you for different scenarios.

Before the Storm

Find a Reliable Contractor

Professional contractors have in-depth experience and knowledge to determine your roof’s condition through an inspection. You can find a referral from your neighbors and friends. This way, you can thoroughly research a company before hiring one, and you’ll know who to call if you need emergency repairs.

Schedule Regular Inspections and Maintenance

It’s common for roofs to suffer from severe storm damage because they weren’t maintained regularly. Roof inspections and maintenance are crucial because they allow you to detect and address problems before they spiral out of control. They ensure your roof is prepared for extreme weather.

After the Storm

Roofer Inspection and Repairs

Once the storm has passed, contact your trusted roofing contractor to evaluate the damage to your roof. They can detect hidden signs of damage, so you can be sure you’re getting an accurate report of your roof’s condition. While you might clearly observe some visible roof damage, professionals can trace the ones requiring a closer look and analysis.

Insurance Claim Filing

Filing a claim doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially if you have an experienced contractor by your side. After the storm, let your insurer know about the issues with your roof. 

Your roofer may address any damage that needs immediate attention. Just make sure to document the process extensively so you’ll have photos and videos as proof when filing an insurance claim.

Before making a claim, review your policy terms and conditions to know what benefits you have. That said, make sure to keep your insurance documents safe, so you can access them.

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