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The Impact of Asphalt Shingle Color on Your Home

The Impact of Asphalt Shingle Color on Your Home

You can easily find plenty of dark- and light-colored asphalt shingle colors in your local supply store. Although light hues are more commonly preferred by homeowners, a quick online search will show you that dark shingles are also a popular choice for homes. 

 Asphalt Shingle Color

Today, we discuss how the color of your asphalt shingles can affect your home.

Dark Roofs

  • Absorb Heat

Dark asphalt shingle colors absorb more heat than light-colored shingles due to their high pigmentation. Homes in colder regions can benefit from this, so experts often recommend darker hues for these places. Brown, black, deep purple and blue asphalt shingles are some of the most prominent choices in this category.

  • Match Various Home Styles

Dark-colored asphalt shingles are easy to pair with virtually any color scheme. The solid-color appearance makes it easy to create brighter accents using your siding and trims. Consider using brown or black asphalt shingles if you want your curb appeal to have a dramatic effect.

Light Roofs

  • Reflect Heat

The light pigmentation and low ultraviolet (UV) absorption of light-colored roofs reflect sunlight to the atmosphere, reducing the heat entering your home. Light shingles also tend to have longer lifespans because they don’t absorb too much heat. This means you won’t need to perform roof repair frequently.

  • Have a Wide Range of Colors

Since they are preferred by many homeowners, light-colored asphalt shingles have greater color selections. You can easily find a shade of blue, orange or green that suits your home’s exterior color scheme.

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