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The Components of a Good Metal Roofing Installation

The Components of a Good Metal Roofing Installation

If you want to have a well-built metal roofing system, it should at least be composed of metal panels fabricated from 22- or 24-gauge galvanized metal or aluminum and batten-fill insulation. The panels must be anchored to structural components with fasteners or clips, which are secured to pre-punched holes in the supporting structure.

However, a good metal roofing system needs more than just quality materials. If you want your metal roof to be installed properly, you need to work with a trusted and competent contractor who has the knowledge on proper attachment procedures as well as the provisions for expansion and contraction.

The Right Kind of Industry Experience

A lot of the metal roof system failures are mainly caused by inadequate design and workmanship errors. Only a few contractors are really qualified for metal roofing installation. While it’s technically under the division of roofing, the application skills required are often more suited for sheet metal workers.

One poorly placed seam or incorrect detail can start a cascade effect that will result in great damage to your home and a costly repair. This is one major reason why a good metal roofing installation should be done by a professional roofing contractor who has the right kind of knowledge needed.

Proper Waterproofing 

When it comes to waterproofing a metal roof, we consider the roof load, the treatment of standing water and the sealing seams, penetrations and fasteners. We increase waterproofing at the seams in systems where the metal panels are adjoined with double folds instead of lapped seams.

Double-fold systems usually require the side-panel connection to be completed with a seaming machine that field forms a standing lock seam. They’re adjoined at the seams with either a 180-degree single-seam lock or 360-degree double-seam lock and factory-applied with sealant seams.

The Appropriate Slope 

While metal roofing systems are excellent at shedding water, their success is majorly attributed to proper sloping. Metal alone doesn’t have proper waterproofing protection and is limited in its weatherproofing capabilities when installed in low-slope conditions. This is why a metal roof system’s performance is more effective on steeper slopes.

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