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The Basics That You Need tto Know About Flat Roof Rot

The Basics That You Need tto Know About Flat Roof Rot

Roof rot – just the name itself is enough to send shivers down your spine. This is what happens if a leak is ignored or when there is too much moisture in your attic. It breaks down your roofing materials, compromising your roof deck and sheathing. If that isn’t scary enough, roof rot spreads rapidly – as much as 10 feet per year – and can lead to total roof collapse if ignored.

 Flat Roof Rot

What Causes Flat Roof Rot?

To put it simply, moisture is behind flat roof rot. As mentioned before, leaks and a poorly ventilated attic are the two main culprits. A poorly ventilated attic that is too humid exposes wooden components of your roof to high moisture levels. When airborne spores come into contact with wood that has a moisture level of over 20%, they will germinate and sprout. 

Flat roofs are especially prone to dry rot since they only have a very slight slope (despite the name, a flat roof is not really flat). This, paired with poor drainage, inevitably leads to ponding which can damage membranes or shingles, allowing water to penetrate your roof. Sagging and water stains on the ceiling and interior walls are the main indicators.

How to Prevent Roof Rot

As with most roofing problems, regular maintenance is key to preventing them. We recommend that you have your flat roof thoroughly inspected by a professional at least twice a year. It is also advisable to conduct a visual inspection of your roof every few months as an added measure.

You should also make sure that your attic maintains the proper temperature, particularly during summer and winter. Humidity levels should be kept at between 40% and 60%. This can be achieved by installing a good ventilation system. If your attic is too humid, consider installing additional ridge vents, soffit vents or attic fans. 

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