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Should You Have Your Metal Roof Grounded for Safety?

Should You Have Your Metal Roof Grounded for Safety?

Metal may be one of the most dependable roofing options around, but some homeowners are worried that it’s dangerous because of one thing – metal conducts electricity. Out of fear of being a fire hazard when hit by lightning or a severed power line, some people think that metal roofs should be grounded, but is that really necessary? 

Should You Have Your Metal Roof Grounded for Safety?

The Short Answer – Depends on Your Location

While grounding your roof is considered a good way to make it safer, it’s not always a mandatory thing. Some areas will have building codes that require it, but most of the time it’s completely up to the homeowner. This is why roof grounding is widely considered an “extra” feature in many areas.

The Myth About Metal Roofing

Some people are concerned about roof grounding because of a big misconception: since metal conducts electricity, metal roofs will make you more likely to get hit by lightning. Roofing experts and scientists alike have already proven that having a metal roof doesn’t make your home any more likely to get hit by lightning than if you had a concrete or shingle roof.

What About Power Lines?

Okay, so metal roofs aren’t actually lightning magnets, but what if a power line hits your roof? According to experts, that won’t make much of a difference because anything hit by a power line will be at risk of catching fire anyway. Grounding will give you a bit more safety, but not by much considering how highly unlikely that scenario is.

How to Keep Your Metal Roof Safe

Keeping your metal roof safe from getting struck by lightning is no different than doing the same thing for other types of roofs. Roof repair experts say that having a lightning rod a safe distance from the home is much better than trying to lightning-proof the actual roof itself.

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