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Metal Roofing: Is It the Best for Winter?

Metal Roofing: Is It the Best for Winter?

The roof bears the brunt of the harshness of winter. Damaging precipitation, strong winds, extreme temperatures – all of these will test the resilience of any roofing system.

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Fortunately, modern roofing manufacturers design their products with the worst weather conditions in mind. Not all of them can perform at the same level. But you can expect any properly installed and regularly maintained roof to stay in one piece throughout the winter.

Out of all the roofing materials on the market, metal is arguably your safest bet. Choosing it is hardly a roll of the dice. Below are the best arguments about why metal is the best for winter.

Snow Slides Down Easily Off a Metal Roof

Generally, metal roofs have a sleek surface. The smoothness of this material lessens friction, allowing snow to reach the ground more quickly through the help of gravity.

Of course, any honest roofing contractor would admit that the steepness of the slope also plays a vital role in this phenomenon. However, similarly pitched roofs made of other materials can’t shed snow as good as standing seam metal roofing systems.

Metal Is Light Enough to Prevent Collapse

If you have a flat roof that’s prone to snow buildup, selecting metal as a replacement material can reduce the chances of it collapsing.

The deck, which is the foundation of the roof, can only handle so much snow load before collapsing under the burden. Unlike most materials, metal won’t contribute to this problem because it’s deceivingly lightweight for its strength.

This material may require some roof repair by the end of winter. But it rarely collapses due to the punishing weight of piles of snow.

Indoors Won’t Feel Colder Because of Metal

Contrary to popular belief, metal roofing doesn’t make properties colder during the winter. In fact, the material of your roof has nothing to do with heat loss. If you have adequate insulation throughout your house, your space should stay toasty.

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