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4 Reasons to Choose PVC Roofing

4 Reasons to Choose PVC Roofing

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roofing is one of the most versatile single-ply commercial roofing systems. Here’s why PVC roofing is ideal for your commercial facility.

Choose PVC Roofing

1. Energy-Efficient
A white or light-colored roof can help you save on your building’s cooling costs during the summer season, making it more energy-efficient. Light-colored surfaces reflect solar heat that help reduce radiant heat absorbed through the roof and, in turn, lower the building’s cooling requirements. The workload reduction can also help prolong the HVAC system’s service life. Most PVC roofing is manufactured as white sheets and does not require special coatings to add reflectivity.

2. Recyclable
Roof replacement produces a lot of waste that ultimately ends up in landfills. PVC roofing is 100% recyclable, which means only a small amount of discarded roofing ultimately ends up as actual waste, making your roof more eco-friendly. You could also save on disposal costs if there happens to be a recycling center in your area that picks up discarded vinyl for free.

3. Sustainable
Two key aspects of sustainability are a long service life and repairability. The longer a roof can perform without replacement, the slower the rate of waste going to landfills. PVC roofing has a long service life and localized repairs can be done without affecting other parts of the roof. Punctures can be covered securely using PVC patches while loose seams can be re-sealed with heat welding. Adding new vent pipes and other penetrations are likewise simple and does not require replacing a large portion of the PVC layer.

4. Lightweight
Single-ply roofing like PVC is ideal for roofs that cannot support the weight of traditional built-up roofing systems (BURs). PVC roofing works exceptionally well for such applications because it can be installed fully-adhered, fastened to the substrate, or loose and ballasted (weighed down), which can give you more flexibility for your commercial roofing budget.

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