4 Essentials of Roofing Contractor Insurance Coverage

4 Essentials of Roofing Contractor Insurance Coverage

Roofing contractor insurance coverage varies depending on many factors, but there are a few things that, if left out, could affect future liability claims. Here’s a look at the things that your roofing insurance coverage should have.

  1. Property Protection — Property protection can take many forms. A common type of property protection coverage is a specific re-roofing clause, which specifies coverage for repairs or re-roofing, but not for initial roof construction. The latter may include roof replacements that involve rebuilding the roofing support structure. Another is an open roof coverage, which covers the property as a whole instead of just the roof.
  1. General Business Liability — With commercial roofing, general business liability insurance will protect company assets as well as pay for associated costs, such as property damage or injury during a roofing job. While this is (or should be) part of all types of commercial insurance plans, residential insurance coverage for roofing is a bit different. For instance, accidental property damage and injuries are covered by general liability insurance and workers’ compensation.
  1. Clearly Stated Limit and Minimums — If you are hiring a contractor for multiple homes or commercial properties, your insurance agreement should clearly state the limit and minimums. Corporate entities typically have an insurance checklist that states required minimums that are more or less within industry standards. It may be worded differently in residential insurance coverage.
  1. Option to Add Additional Insurance Coverage — This allows extended coverage that is usually not covered by standard roofing contractor insurance. It may not be an absolute essential for most types of properties, but you may need it if your property has uncommon requirements, such as adherence to a specific look and/or choice of materials as is often the case with historical properties. Whatever type of coverage you need, make sure all terms and conditions are explicitly stated in the contract before you sign it.

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