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3 Warning Signs Your Roofer Might Be Cutting Corners

3 Warning Signs Your Roofer Might Be Cutting Corners

You’ve probably heard most of the horror stories – roofers that require huge payment prior to completion, projects slow to complete and contractors that disappear overnight. At A1 Roofing & Construction, we’ve been called out to fix the work of shoddy contractors on numerous occasions, including roofs that were poorly installed or even left unfinished.

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To save you the hassle and stress of hiring a disreputable roofer, here are three warning signs that suggest your roofer might be cutting corners.

  • Using fewer nails – When your roofer visibly uses insufficient nails for the job, take that as a red flag right away – they may be doing this to limit costs. Without enough nails, the wind will get under the shingles, opening up space for water to penetrate through your roof. Contractors must also follow installation guidelines from the manufacturer to keep your warranty valid.
  • Poor installation of ice and water shield – Manufacturer guidelines and building codes usually require contractors to install roofing ice and water shields 24 inches from the exterior wall. Some companies might try to cut expenses by installing the bare minimum. This can reduce your protection from the elements, costing you even more in the future.
  • Using substandard materials – Disreputable roofers might use second-grade or off-brand materials in an attempt to maximize their profits. These materials won’t last very long. That said, be sure to ask your contractor about the brand they are using. In general, it’s smart to stick with proven and trustworthy brands like GAF.

Searching for a GAF Master Elite® contractor near you? Look no further than A1 Roofing & Construction. As a pioneer in the local roofing industry, we are trusted by many local homeowners for their upgrades projects – from a simple roof repair to a more comprehensive replacement project.

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