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3 Tips on Choosing a Timeless Roof Style

3 Tips on Choosing a Timeless Roof Style

It’s hard to stick with one specific style of anything for the next 20 to 30 years. Whether it’s clothing, cars or even a haircut, everyone likes some variety every now and then. Sadly, the same cannot be said when it comes to roofing as it is simply too expensive to replace just because you want to try something new.

3 Tips on Choosing a Timeless Roof Style

That’s why when the time comes to get a new roof, you’ll need to consider lots of important factors. Chief among them include picking a style and color that reflects your taste and that you will be comfortable with for the entirety of its service life. Consider the following guidelines from A1 Roofing & Construction to help you choose a roof style that will suit your home for years to come.


Before you get too attached to a particular roof style or color, you may want to first find out if there are any rules regarding what types of roof you can install. If you reside in an area that doesn’t have such rules, it wouldn’t hurt to take a second look around your neighborhood to ensure that your roofing choice will not stick out like a sore thumb in the community.


Go for a roof style and color that works well with all of the other exterior style elements of your home. For example, a traditional home with a rustic design can do well with a wood shake shingle roofing system. There are so many roof types and material options available today so you have many choices.


Once you’ve shortlisted a couple of roofing options that are appropriate for your home, it’s time to visualize the possible result. As a GAF-certified company, we encourage you to use GAF’s Virtual Home Remodeler to see different options for your home. This digital visualization program lets you upload a photo of the house to compare roofing, siding and window combinations, and select the perfect mix. Be sure to also look at physical shingle samples at our office.

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