3 Common Commercial Roofing Systems

3 Common Commercial Roofing Systems

A durable roof that protects your commercial property is essential to your success as it protects your people and important pieces of equipment.

 3 Common Commercial Roofing Systems

There are a number of factors worth considering when choosing commercial roofing. While price is the most common factor owners pay attention to, other aspects include longevity, weather, aesthetics and maintenance requirements.

There is a myriad of choices available on the market. In this article, A1 Roofing & Construction talks about the three most common types.

EPDM Roofing

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or abbreviated as EPDM, is one of the most common commercial roof types. It is made of synthetic rubber and can be ideal if you have a low-sloped property. It offers superior durability and is typically easy to install, repair and maintain than most types offered on the market.

Metal Roofing

One of the oldest roofing systems on the market, metal roofing requires little to no maintenance and often lasts 50 years. It boasts outstanding stability and strength, and is even fire-resistant. Metal roofs, however, can rust from excessive exposure to the sun. We can perform roof repair by applying surfacing layers that protect against damaging elements like sun and rain. These coatings are typically made of materials such as epoxy, acrylic or ceramic.

Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofs (BUR) have been around for over a hundred years. Some companies have referred to this roof as “tar and gravel” roofs as they are installed with interchanging layers of tar or asphalt, and supporting fabrics, which are placed directly onto your property’s roof. The final layer of BUR typically consists of gravel or stone.

These are some of the most common types of commercial roofs available today. Each of the three types has their own benefits; choosing which one is best entirely depends on your preferences. As a reliable roofing contractor, we install top-rated roofing systems for commercial and residential properties.

Aside from quality installations, we also do roof repairs, sheet metal fabrication and masonry work.

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