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3 Advantages of Low-Slope Metal Roofs

3 Advantages of Low-Slope Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are a great alternative to asphalt and tile roofs, boasting excellent weather defense and natural resilience. While its expected lifespan is between 25 to 50 years, it can easily exceed that due, thanks to its low-maintenance properties.

Here are the three advantages of installing a low-slope metal roof.

1. Better Water Runoff

Water runoff is a “hidden” roof trait that most homeowners forget to consider. It’s the ability of the roof to naturally shed water on its surface instead of pooling into a puddle. Low-slope roofs made of metal boast better water runoff than its membranous or asphalt counterparts due to its smoother surface, which lacks granules that may impede water shedding.

2. Low-Maintenance Roofing

Metal roofs are naturally resilient and can withstand extreme heat and cold better than other roofing materials. For contrast: while clay tile roofs can last as long as 100 years, some don’t make it that far due to lack of maintenance.

In contrast, metal roofs can easily exceed their expected lifespan due to the material’s natural strength and durability. While your new low-slope metal roofs do need care and maintenance every now and then, they don’t require as much compared to other roofing materials.

3. Less Weight

Finally, low-slope metal roofs are surprisingly light for such a durable material. Some are even manufactured to be specifically lighter than asphalt roofs! The roof’s lighter weight means it’s easier to install, and there’s less strain on the overall roof structure.

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