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Why Safe Snow Removal Is Important to Commercial Roofs

Why Safe Snow Removal Is Important to Commercial Roofs

Maintaining your commercial roof’s integrity and functionality should always be a priority – especially during winter when snow and strong winds can make your roofing more susceptible to damage. Your roofing contractor should be capable of removing snow accumulation as well as completing planned maintenance. Here’s why snow removal is vital for commercial roofing

Snow Removal

How Snow Buildup Affects Commercial Roofs

A few feet of snow on your roof can completely obstruct access to some of the most important aspects of your commercial property, such as plumbing vents and heating and air conditioning equipment. When ice freezes, it expands, causing damage to exterior roof drains and other structures. The accumulated snow can cause your commercial roof to collapse if the weight of the snow exceeds the weight capability of the roof. Business owners and facility managers should be aware that this is a possibility in commercial roofing systems, despite its rarity.

Safe Snow Removal 

To safely remove the damaging snow on your commercial roofing, it’s best to hire a trusted roofing contractor. However, it also helps to understand the procedure to learn some tips in cleaning snow on your roof. You must first plan your removal action based on your plan and roof map, allowing the roofers to place flags or other markers to indicate roof features, such as skylights, vents and HVAC equipment. You should determine where to store or throw away the snow. 

Professionals are required to wear protective clothing to protect themselves from the cold, according to occupational safety standards. They may also employ restraints or harnesses, as well as other fall protection measures, to ensure their safety while snow removal is being carried out. When it comes to removing snow off flat roofs, specialists utilize plastic shovels. If they utilize mechanical snow removal equipment or metal shovels, they may cause damage to the roof membrane.

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