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What’s the Purpose of Fascia Boards?

What’s the Purpose of Fascia Boards?

Fascia boards may be a relatively small part of your roof, but they are nevertheless essential. Today, we take a look at fascia boards and what they do for a roof.

Fascia Boards

What Is a Fascia Board?

A fascia board is a long flat board installed vertically at the end of the roofline, covering the rafter tails. They are typically made of wood, but other materials like aluminum, vinyl and composites can also be used. The fascia is commonly mistaken for soffits and vice-versa – while both are located in the same areas of the roof, they are two entirely different components. Fascia boards are installed vertically and are solid boards while soffits are installed horizontally and are perforated to allow airflow.

What Is the Purpose of Fascia Boards?

The primary function of fascia boards is to protect the roof’s edge from moisture infiltration. Roof edges are among the most vulnerable parts of a sloped roofing system because rainwater can flow under the shingles through capillary action. Wind can also drive rainwater into the roof from two directions, making it necessary to protect these areas with a durable board. Fascia boards also serve as a decorative element as well as provide a mounting surface for gutters. Their vertical orientation is ideal for K-style gutters because the gutter troughs’ square back end creates minimal gaps when installed.

Fascia Maintenance

Like most other parts of the roof, fascia boards require maintenance. Wooden fascia boards are vulnerable to rot, which is why it is important to look out for blisters or cracks on the paint. The areas where gutter fasteners have penetrated the fascia are also vulnerable spots. If you spot signs of rot, it is important to have your fascia boards repaired by your trusted roofing contractor in a timely manner. Not only does it increase the risk of moisture infiltration on your roof, but it may also cause the gutter fasteners to fall off.

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