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What You Should Know About Roof Sagging

What You Should Know About Roof Sagging

Given its constant exposure to the elements, your roofing system will develop some issues over time. One of the most serious is sagging, which usually prompts extensive work or even roof replacement depending on the severity.

Reasons a Roof Can Sag

Residential roofing is meant to have clear and sharp lines, making it a highlight in your home’s overall appearance. But when a roof is sagging, its ridge will start to resemble a saddle. In fact, sections of it may begin leaning to the side, giving it a lopsided look.

You’ll want to make sure your roofing remains sturdy and intact, which means understanding the reasons why sagging can occur. These include:

1. Excessive Weight

A roofing system will sag because there’s too much load on it. Snow and ice, for example, may form on top of it during the cold season. Multiple layers of roof sheathing and roofing materials are another reason. All those layers of shingles added during a re-roofing project will place undue pressure on the system, weakening the structure and causing it to sag.

2. Structural Problems

Aside from unnecessary weight, a compromised supporting system, like the home’s walls and foundation, can also lead to roof sagging. Another is incorrect roof design or construction. Are you sure the original roof structure is built properly? Perhaps, you’ve had modifications done to your roof, and the framework can’t handle these alterations.

Whatever the case, it pays to have a premier local roofing expert like A1 Roofing & Construction perform a comprehensive inspection of your system and recommend the appropriate solution. Depending on the cause and severity of the issue, our professionals will either reinforce the roof framework or, if the roof needs replacement, completely tear off the old sheathing and install larger rafters while the framing is exposed.

When you notice your roof is already sagging, turn to A1 Roofing & Construction for the best solutions. We serve the areas in and around Tiverton, Providence and Newport, RI. Call us today at (401) 265-1019, or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.