What to Expect During Your Roof Replacement Project

What to Expect During Your Roof Replacement Project

Replacing your roof isn’t an easy task, but it’s needed to improve both the look and function of your space. Once the project is completed, however, the new roof will trivialize the tired look of your facade.

If you’re not mentally and financially prepared, a roof replacement project can upend your life. To live through it with as little stress as possible, A1 Roofing and Construction Company lays out what you should expect during your roofing project:

Difficulty in Hiring a Roofer

Working with the right contractor is half of the battle. However, there’s a thin line separating the good ones from the bad. Without properly vetting your prospective roofers, you might mistakenly choose an unreliable company and get ripped off.

Before getting sold on claims, look for the roofing company’s proof of license, insurance and certifications. It’s also imperative to verify their physical location to make sure they’re a legitimate local business.

Struggle for Permit Application

Pulling the necessary permits can take forever if you don’t plan ahead and act with a sense of urgency. Since the project can’t begin until the authorities greenlight it, the sometimes sluggish process can put you behind schedule by weeks or even months.

One of the best ways to speed things up is hiring a licensed roofing contractor. Professionals know how to navigate permit applications more than anyone, but only licensed roofers would be willing to do it on your behalf.

Hassle of Dealing with Change Orders

Unforeseen, preexisting structural problems usually trigger change orders, which would affect your project’s budget and timeline. While it’s impossible to accurately foresee undiscovered issues prior to actual construction, it’s best to set aside sufficient, extra funds to cover additional expenses later on. Allotting 20% of your budget for contingencies is a sound practice.

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