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What Causes Flat Roof Rot?

What Causes Flat Roof Rot?

One of the advantages of installing a completely flat roofing system is its ease of maintenance and the fact that you can repurpose the surface as an additional floor if you so choose. That said, flat roofs encounter roofing problems that are unique to it, and one of them is particularly alarming when you see it – roof rot.

So, what causes flat roof rot, and what can you do about it?

What Is Roof Rot?

Also known as dry rotting, roof rot is a particularly nasty condition that’s caused by wood-eating fungus. To get to the wooden parts of the roof, it eats away and breaks down the membranous material of the flat roof. The result is a damaged roofing system and compromised decking and sheathing.

This is one roofing problem that you shouldn’t ignore. Dry rot grows rapidly throughout the year, as much as 10 feet in a year, and often leads to roof leaks that are very difficult to address or find in the first place.

What Causes Roof Rot?

Roof rot is the result of excess moisture on the roof as a result of poor attic ventilation. An attic that’s too hot or has poor ventilation generates high humidity that exposes the wooden parts of the roof to moisture. This, in turn, attracts the wood-eating fungus that easily proliferates in a hot and humid environment. Roof rot also occurs as a result of standing water, which is why it’s imperative to clear the flat roof surface of any pools of water.

Avoiding Roof Rot

The best way to avoid roof rot is to take preventive measures that reduce the humidity and moisture on the roof. Start by ensuring the attic stays at a moderate temperature to avoid moisture build-up that attracts wood-eating fungus.

It’s also imperative that you get rid of any debris on the roof as you’re clearing it. Branches and twigs, in particular, can scratch the surface of your flat roof membrane on top of attracting wood-eating fungus.

Finally, you’ll want to schedule a regular roof check up with your local roofing contractorAn in-depth inspection gives you an idea about the true condition of your roof while also giving you the opportunity to address existing problems before they become more expensive concerns in the future.

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