What Can Make a Roof Withstand the Perfect Storm?

What Can Make a Roof Withstand the Perfect Storm?

It’s impossible to make any roof completely nature-proof, but there are ways to make yours as hurricane-resist as possible. Today, A1 Roofing and Construction Company talks about the best ways to minimize the effects of violent weather:

What Can Make a Roof Withstand the Perfect Storm?


Studies reveal that roofing systems in hurricane-prone areas must have multiple slopes (ideally, each with a 30-degree pitch) to remain intact during destructive wind events. A good case in point is a hip roof, which has four pitches, or any of its varieties like the pyramid roof that has zero gables or vertical sides.

To lend your roof more aerodynamic features, a central shaft can help reduce wind pressure, especially at the ridge, eaves and corners. When it comes to overhangs, the maximum length of each should be 20 inches to mitigate wind uplift.

Choice of Material

Be selective in roofing products. Some asphalt shingles only sound impressive, but they lack the cutting-edge construction to meet the toughest shingle performance tests in the industry. GAF products are less prone to blow-off because they’re made with Advanced Protection® Technology, which uses fillers and adhesives to excellent effect.

Further, make sure to buy a complete system. Some accessories may be optional, but they nevertheless contribute to weather resistance.


If you don’t skimp on installation, you could receive stronger wind warranty coverage. The use of six nails per shingle and Starter Strip products at the eaves and rakes will qualify you for GAF’s superior protection. Of course, you can upgrade to the brand’s highest-level warranty only if you hire a Master Elite® roofing contractor. At the end of the day, you ought to choose the best crew for the job to ensure flawless workmanship.

Leave your project to a company that belongs to the top 3 percent of all roofers in America to render hurricanes less of a structural threat. As a Master Elite contractor, A1 Roofing and Construction Company guarantees quality work and unwavering professionalism.

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