Sloped Roofs: Weak Spots to Worry About

Sloped Roofs: Weak Spots to Worry About

Numerous reasons can cause sloped roofs to leak, but you can count the usual sources of water intrusion on one hand. Regardless of the design, all residential roofing systems have weak spots that require constant attention if you want to avoid leaks.

Sloped Roofs: Weak Spots to Worry About

Today, A1 Roofing and Construction Company explains which parts of your pitched roofing system are most vulnerable to leaks:


By and large, penetrations are the always the soft underbelly of any roof. These are actual holes waterproofed with sealant and flashing. It only takes one of them to fail to decrease your roof’s defense against the elements.

The worst part is, leakage coming from a penetration is tricky to detect. The water doesn’t travel a straight path; it could infiltrate the interior several feet away from its actual source. It requires the trained eye of a professional roofing contractor to properly diagnose penetration-related leakage.


These are the points where two sloped roofs meet. They create natural passages for water before it reaches the gutters and downspouts. Like penetrations, they’re also covered with flashing. When flashings lose their watertight sealing, the rain and snow could get into the valleys and potentially dampen the underlying decking.


Located at the underside of roof overhangs, wood soffits could experience decay earlier than expected when the gutters clog. A faulty gutter system doesn’t drain water efficiently, allowing some of it to reach the soffits. Excessive moisture would ruin their paint and eventually wreak havoc with their structural integrity.


Damaged eaves are a common subject of roof repair jobs. As the overhanging sections of the roof, they’re the first casualty of ice damming. When the melting snow flowing from upper-roof surfaces refreezes on the overhangs, the ice would saturate the eaves for a long period. Chronic ice damming would sap their strength, accelerating your roof’s deterioration.

Leak prevention is the best roof protection. A1 Roofing and Construction Company offers scheduled inspections and emergency repairs to stop leakage before it even happens. Call us at (401) 265-1019 now to talk about your roof maintenance needs and get a free estimate. We serve Warwick and Providence, RI, New Bedford, MA, and other nearby communities.