Roofing Components You Should Know

Roofing Components You Should Know

Your roof has many different components, and you need to be aware of them so you can adequately discuss your needs with your roofing contractor. A1 Roofing & Construction Company shares some of these uncommon roofing terms and what they mean.

Roofing Components You Should Know


An antefix is a vertical block made of stone or terracotta, and it acts as a cover to the otherwise exposed underside of the tiles at the roof’s edge. Traditional antefixes feature ornate carvings, bearing designs based on flowers, animals or mythological characters.


Bargeboards are boards that are attached to the projecting gables of a roof. They help conceal the exposed timber ends and add structural support to the roof. Many architectural styles across the world feature decorative bargeboards, with intricate carving and colorful painted details. Bargeboards are sometimes referred to as vergeboards or gableboards.


As a roofing term, cricket refers to a small ridged structure that covers the peak-facing side of a chimney. It diverts rainwater down to the sides of the chimney, preventing wear and tear on the flashing. Cricket is also known as a saddle.


An eyebrow is a type of dormer window that’s shaped like a half-circle with a flat horizontal sill as opposed to the more familiar gabled window. The windows installed on an eyebrow follow the same shape as the eyebrow. Asphalt shingles and slate are ideal materials for eyebrows.


The small gables found on dormer windows and other similar structures are called gablets. It’s important to note that these are different from the Dutch gable, which is known as a gablet roof in the United Kingdom.


While the word “scuttle” is more often associated with porthole windows on a ship, a scuttle in a residential roof serves a similar purpose. A scuttle on the ceiling is a hatchway that provides access to the attic and can be fitted with a telescoping ladder for easy climbing.

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