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Roof Replacement Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Roof Replacement Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Thoroughly planning your roofing replacement can help ensure satisfactory results as well as help you avoid problems that can be avoided. Here are the mistakes you need to avoid when planning your roof replacement. 

Roof Replacement Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Choosing Your Contractor Based on the Contract Price

The lowest contract price can certainly be tempting when you’re comparing multiple roofing estimates, but do not make the mistake of overlooking every other consideration in favor of the price. Unscrupulous contractors do exist, and they will cut corners just to come up with a low bid price. This means you could end up with a roof made with subpar materials and labor with the likely risk of noncompliance with building codes. Take the time to review the estimate’s list of materials, and make sure that it matches what you have discussed with the contractor.

Paying the Full Contract Price Upfront

A standard roofing replacement payment plan is paid in installments, starting with a down payment of no more than 30% upon signing the contract. It will then be followed by one or more payments after milestones, such as material delivery, with a final payment typically collected shortly after the roof is successfully and satisfactorily completed. Be wary of contractors that ask for the full payment upfront: they will likely take your money and run.

Skipping a Written Quote or Estimate

Given the scope and cost of a roof replacement, there is no such thing as a handshake or a gentleman’s agreement. Always make sure that you always get a written quote or estimate from a prospective contractor, and beware those that will give excuses not to give you one. A quotation, in particular, needs to be accurate because it becomes a binding contract once you sign it.

Not Taking the Time to Research Your Contractor

You have to make sure that you can trust the roofing contractors before you hire them, which is why you have to take the time to verify a prospective roofing contractor’s credentials, license and insurance certificate among others. The most time-consuming part is calling their references. However, it usually is worth it because it paints a clearer picture of how a contractor deals with their customers.

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