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Roof Deterioration: Differentiating Normal Wear and Damage

Roof Deterioration: Differentiating Normal Wear and Damage

As a homeowner, you must be familiar with the differences between normal roofing wear and actual damage. In doing so, you can make better, well-thought decisions on your long-term investment. Here’s a guide to help you differentiate the two.

Roof Deterioration

Normal Roof Wear and Tear

Constant exposure to changing weather conditions can lead to roof wear. This inevitable part of the roof’s lifespan happens over a long period of time before it starts weakening the entire structure to the point where its performance and efficiency are compromised. That’s also a reason why homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the cost of repairs caused by wear.

Granule loss is one of the perfect examples of normal roof wear and tear. It occurs when the protective granular material on your asphalt shingles loses adhesion over time, resulting in the worn-out look of your roof. Shingle cupping or curling is also an indication of wear and tear. Here, a roof repair may be necessary only if the rest of the shingles are still flat and intact.

Roof Damage

Sudden weather occurrences like hailstorms and hurricane-force winds can have a devastating effect on the structural integrity of roofing systems. These events almost always result in roof damage, and immediate repairs for it are generally covered by homeowner’s insurance.

A telltale sign of roof damage is when there are missing shingles or damaged components like ridge caps or flashing. Strong, high-speed winds during a severe storm can expose your home to water infiltration and increase the risk of further roof damage. Major cracks, dents and punctures are also identified during a post-storm inspection. They might stem from the impact of wind-carried debris or even dense hailstones. These issues should be fixed by a trusted roofing contractor in your area as soon as possible.

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