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Protecting Your Home’s Exteriors During a Roofing Project

Protecting Your Home’s Exteriors During a Roofing Project

Sometimes, during a roof replacement project, small debris may fall and cause accidental damage to your garden or some other part of your home’s exterior. The debris can also harm any curious children or pets, which can lead to serious injury and additional medical bills. This is why professional roof repair and replacement contractors are required to take precautions to prevent accidental property damage and injury throughout the roofing process. Here are some tips to ensure your and your property’s safety:

Roofing Project

Check Your Home’s Surroundings First  

Before the roof replacement project begins, take a quick walk around your home, and check for any damage or issues. It might also be a good idea to take a few pictures or a short video with your phone so that you’ll have proof of what your garden and the rest of your home’s surroundings looked like before the roofing project starts. Sometimes, your hired contractor will also document your home’s exteriors before they start the roofing process and let you know about any preexisting damage they may find. This is to ensure that they won’t be falsely accused of property damage during and after the roofing process.

Use Tarps for Protection

By this point, there should be at least a tarp covering your garden and the grassy area near your roof. This is to protect them from falling debris during the roofing installation process. The tarps also catch any falling debris (such as nails, granules, etc.) that may otherwise be difficult to retrieve especially in the grassy areas around your home. 

Trash/Dumpster Bins Should Be Present and Placed Nearby

To ensure that the old roofing materials are properly disposed of, there should be a proper “flow” of old debris from the roof towards the trash or dumpster bin. Make sure that these are placed appropriately near your roof so that the flow isn’t disrupted and the project gets completed on time. The trash/dumpster bins are usually placed at the driveway throughout the roofing process, so be sure to put plywood sheets to prevent scrapes and dents in the area.

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