Precautions for Minimizing Commercial Roofing Woes

Precautions for Minimizing Commercial Roofing Woes

Winter season will officially be here in a matter of weeks; therefore, you should take precautions to make sure your commercial roof stays in good shape. Here are some ways that can help you minimize winter roofing woes.

Keep Up With Routine Inspections

A regular roof inspection complements scheduled professional maintenance appointments, in that it lets you spot roofing problems as soon as possible. Seemingly minor problems like punctures and missing flashing require immediate repairs. Leaving them as they are runs a great risk of water infiltration. Also, it can save money and time as it will cost much less than what it would have if you ignored such problems.

Regularly Clean the Roof

Regular roof cleaning is yet another routine you should keep up with, especially if your roof happens to be equipped with single-ply roofing. These types of roofing systems are vulnerable to punctures from gravel, sharp twigs or tools that maintenance personnel leave lying around.

Limit the Foot Traffic

It’s not uncommon for people to take their cigarette breaks on the roof, which is fine if your property has a traditional gravel-topped, built-up roof. However, there’s a risk of damage when you have a bitumen-based roof, which is flammable, or one of the aforementioned single-ply roofs.

Still-lit cigarette butts can burn holes in the roofing surface. Gravel stuck on shoes can puncture the roof. Personnel might leave their tools lying around, which can also puncture the roof. As a precaution, limit roof access to essential personnel, including HVAC and roofing contractors. Anyone who must access a roof must sign a log and should wear foot covers.

Careful With Decor Installation

Whether you elect to install your own or hire someone else to install your decor, make sure that fasteners are not used on the roof surface or any of its structural components. Anything that punctures the roof will lead to water infiltration, which can be difficult to fix in the middle of winter.

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