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Is Your Roofing Warranty Really Protecting You?

Is Your Roofing Warranty Really Protecting You?

We all know that our roof is what protects us from the harshness of the elements, but what is protecting our roof? Too many homeowners don’t even check what’s in their roof warranty and simply assume that they’re covered. Sadly, that’s far from the truth. Unless you have a special arrangement with your roofing contractor, your warranty only covers roof repair jobs if it’s caused by defective materials or poor workmanship by a licensed roofer.  

Roofing Warranty

Understanding Your Coverage

As mentioned above, most insurance providers will only cover repairs if they’re caused by defective materials and poor installation. Extreme weather, third-party damage and poor maintenance will not be covered. Other providers may also include certain demands that you may not anticipate, such as using their maintenance people to retain the warranty. 

For this reason, it is absolutely critical that you read the warranty before you decide to install a new roof, not after. Treat it like you would bids from local roofing contractors, meaning to say you should put them side by side so you can evaluate the coverage.

Choose the Right Contractor

Avoid working with a contractor that isn’t licensed. This is the surest way to void your warranty. Reputable roofing manufacturers have developed certification programs that have a tiered approach when it comes to roofer performance and qualifications. These are good indicators of quality workmanship. Membership in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other roof-related organizations is also ideal. 

A1 Roofing & Construction only employs installers that are professionally trained to maintain the highest standards of quality on all projects. If you’re looking for roofers that will treat your roofing system as they would their own, give us a call at (401) 265-1019 to schedule an appointment. You may also fill out our contact form to request a free estimate today. We serve homeowners in Providence and Warwick, RI, as well as Bedford, MA.