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Insurance Claims: How to Navigate the Process After a Storm

Insurance Claims: How to Navigate the Process After a Storm

When your home has sustained damage from a storm, you must address these problems immediately. Delaying repairs can compromise the safety of your home and its occupants. In this kind of situation, it would help to know the basics of filing insurance claims. 

What to Do After the Storm

Before moving anything or cleaning up, make sure to document the damage. Take photos of the affected areas of your home. You can use these pictures to support your insurance claim. It will also help to save damaged items so your adjuster can inspect it. 

Once you’ve documented the damage, contact your roofing contractor for inspection and temporary repairs. Your insurer may reimburse the cost of these repairs as well as the cost of temporary storage if necessary. Just make sure to keep all your receipts. 

File Your Claim

Insurance companies usually have a deadline for filing claims so contact your agent immediately. Many insurers send response teams to disaster areas. Your adjuster will walk around your home to inspect damaged areas and temporary repairs. The person may inspect your home’s exterior and the roof as well as the basement. You may receive at least one check, the first one being the emergency advance. The following payments will be for your home’s content and other personal belongings. 

Beware of Storm Chasers

Scammers often take advantage of homeowners following a weather event. Beware of storm chasers who demand high upfront payments or offer you something that’s too good to be true. You can avoid these people by hiring a reputable contractor in your area. Also, before allowing anyone to work on your home, make sure that you’ve done your research. 

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