Increasing Your Roof’s Resistance to Wind Damage

Increasing Your Roof’s Resistance to Wind Damage

In the face of extreme weather events, some damage to your roof is inevitable. However, there are ways you can make your roof more resistant to wind damage. A1 Roofing & Construction Company, a top roofing contractor, shares how to decrease your risk factors.

Increasing Your Roof’s Resistance to Wind Damage

The Slope and Type of Roof

The pressure exerted by strong winds isn’t uniformly distributed throughout the roof. Some parts like the center of your roof are less vulnerable than the other parts while other parts like the roof corners and perimeter are more exposed to wind pressure, although this vulnerability would ultimately depend on the type and slope of the roof.

The Frequency of Roof Maintenance

It’s important to monitor the most vulnerable sections of the roof. All it takes to start a chain peel-off effect is a slightly loose spot, which may have been caused by wind-driven debris or the aging process. Left unattended, the torn layer will be pushed by the wind upwards until a significant part of the layer is blown away.

Even the slightest loosening of a shingle can turn into major roof damage. That’s why the frequency of roof maintenance plays a large role in ensuring your roof can withstand strong winds. Some parts of the roof will loosen or suffer cracks in time, but quickly finding and repairing these areas can prevent them from ballooning into a bigger problem.

The Age of the Roof

In a sense, routine maintenance can help extend a roof’s lifespan, but it can only do so up to a certain point. Stricter building codes and advances in technology have made new roofing systems more resilient than older ones.

You can have a contractor inspect your roof to determine its remaining lifespan. If it’s nearing the end of its life, it would be more cost-effective to install a newer and more durable roofing system. Just be sure to hire an experienced and reputable contractor to install it.

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