Common Problems With Single-Ply Roof Systems

Common Problems With Single-Ply Roof Systems

Over time, single-ply membranes can become damaged due to age and severe weather conditions. These problems require different solutions, but you must always hire an experienced roofing contractor to handle them. 

Here are common problems with single-ply roofs. 

Faulty Installation 

Improper installation can leave your single-ply roof with long-term problems. Failure to cut the right seam size can winds and other elements to create gaps. If the material isn’t adhered or welded properly, this can result in insufficient melting or over-melting. 


These occur when the roof membrane loses adhesion to the underlying roofing material. They are usually caused by moisture trapped under the roof surface. Tiny blisters can be left alone, but they should be monitored. Expanding can be a sign that there is more moisture beneath the membrane. 

Seam Failure

As single-ply membranes age, they can shrink, become brittle and lose elasticity. These can cause additional stress on the membrane’s seams and lead to failure. This goes the same for excessive heat exposure. Moreover, a heat-welded installation ensures an airtight seal and effective ultraviolet (UV) ray protection. 

Foot Traffic

Rubber roofs are susceptible to high foot traffic. Rubber synthetics and plastic soles can pierce through membranes and cause damage. Using protective mats to avoid problems can prevent high foot traffic. 

Punctured Membrane

Single-ply roof membranes must be reinforced and undergo quality tests. However, it’s not assured that every product can withstand damage throughout its lifetime. Prevent puncturing by trimming tree limbs, and regularly have your roof cleaned. 

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