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Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance Tips

Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance Tips

Cedar shakes and shingles remain one of the most popular roofing materials used in the U.S. Known for being attractive and durable, they instantly boost the aesthetic appeal of any home. They are also weather-resistant, which means they don’t require much maintenance to make them look good.

While that may be the case, it still pays to keep a cedar roof well-maintained to preserve its beauty and extend its service life. 

Preventive Maintenance

When choosing cedar shakes or shingles, consider certain wood materials that have a natural resistance to rot and decay. Picking a good-quality grade of wood from the start helps add years to the roofing system’s service life.

Even so, constant weather exposure can affect cedar shakes or shingles, leading to their early failure. That said, it would also make sense to coat all surfaces of the roofing material with the right kind of finish prior to installation. That way, the roof is protected from the damaging effects of moisture. Alternatively, you can choose the pressure-treated type of cedar that has added preservatives.

Surface Cleaning

Thorough cleaning is an important step to ensure a well-maintained cedar roof. Moss, lichen and mildew can appear on the surface, which is why the use of a power washer is necessary. Installing untreated copper or galvanized flashing on the roof angles and penetrations is also imperative so as to prevent recurring biological growth.

The roof must be also free from any debris, including dead leaves, birds’ nests, acorns and other litter. Pay special attention to the gutters for this. Clogs in the gutter system cause rainwater to back up and seep under the roofing material, leading to moisture damage.

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