A Typical Roof Replacement Timeline

A Typical Roof Replacement Timeline

A new roof installation is a great way to update your home and improve curb appeal.  A1 Roofing & Construction presents a typical roof replacement timeline. Your roofing contractor shows what happens before, during, and after the project.


Before the Installation

A dumpster will arrive at your home one to two days before the new roof installation starts. A secondary dumpster will come if your contractor recycles old shingles. The delivery of the new asphalt shingles happens a few days before the start of the roofing project. You could have them placed on your roof or in your driveway. Ask your contractor when the dumpsters will come so you can move your vehicles or belongings.

On Installation Day

Consult your contractor if you need to move or lock your pets during the roof installation. Take appropriate measures to protect valuable outdoor items and landscaping. Leave your gates open for the installers, or ask them to always close the gates behind them. Let the person in charge know if you have any special requests.


Do a final walk-through with your roofing contractor. This is to make sure they have done everything agreed upon. Usually, they will do a full sweep of your yard to look for loose nails and other debris. Be sure you have talked to your contractor about the cleanup process before the start. If you’re unhappy with the cleanup, always ask for a second sweep.

After the Installation

One to three days after installation, your contractor will pick up the dumpster. A company representative would visit your home to do a general review and take the final payment. Check in the contract whether it’s the contractor or you who must register the warranty. Get it registered finally.

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