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A 4-Point Checklist to Determine a Spring-Ready Roof

A 4-Point Checklist to Determine a Spring-Ready Roof

Both Rhode Island and Massachusetts experience extrteme winter storms and torrential rain, so if you think you’re safe from roof problems once spring arrives, you should get your roof inspected to know for sure. Your roofing is actually more susceptible to damage once the season changes.

Spring-Ready Roof

So how do you prepare your roof for spring? A1 Roofing & Construction highlights four reminders that should be on your roof checklist.

1. Perform a Gutter Inspection

Although the roof should be the center of attention once spring arrives, we recommend checking your rain gutters first. Clogging is a common occurrence during the winter and it’s easy to miss the now thawed out leaves stuck in the gutters.

Our roofing contractors make it a point to perform a thorough check of your gutters before anything else. The gutters don’t just protect your roof; they also keep your house’s siding or paint from water damage.

2. Check if Your Roof is Still Well Ventilated

The weather gets weather in spring and this change in temperature can affect your roof, even if it’s just gradual. For example, if you notice a slight draft under your ceiling, then you may want to have your ceiling checked. That could be a subtle hint that leaks are starting to form.

3. Check Your Roof’s Shingles

Check if your roof’s shingles are still intact. Snow is heavy, so expect that your roof’s shingles may have been damaged due to packed snow. Even one shingle piece that’s been blown off or in disrepair can encourage leaks.

We highly recommend general roof repair for your shingles before the season officially changes as a preventive measure. The warm air can widen otherwise tiny holes.

4. Check for Wall Stains

Finally, look out for the obvious signs that your roof may not be as spring-ready as it seems: check for watermarks and stains on the wall. The packed snow or the rain pelting your roof may have caused considerable wear and tear during the colder seasons. Stain marks usually appear when the weather starts warming up. If you see any signs of water seeping through the walls, it’s time to take action.

Keep these points in mind so your roof is spring-ready once the season changes. Get in touch with us today at (401) 256-1019 for more information on our roofing services.