6 Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

6 Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

Your commercial property is a major investment so it’s important to properly care for it to ensure that it protects your inventory, employees and equipment. One component that requires a lot of attention is the roof. It pays to take care of it throughout the year. Use the below tips to identify issues and address potential problems.

6 Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

1. Conduct Visual Roof Inspections Twice a Year

During spring and fall, a full visual roof inspection is a must. Check for loose shingles, broken tiles or roofing material damage. Check the joints and eaves for wear and tear.

2. Find Roof Leaks

If you notice black or wet spots on your ceiling, it’s important to call a roofing contractor who can specifically identify where the leaks are and what actions have to be taken.

3. Clean Gutters

Keeping gutters and downspouts clear throughout the entire year will guarantee the proper flow of water. Blocked gutters can cause roofing damage.

4. Clear Brush

Falling natural debris from trees can hurt your roof. Remove any overhanging tree branches or brush.

5. Seek Professional Help for Roof Damage

An expert knows exactly what to do if there is roof damage. They are also properly equipped to handle any problems.

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