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4 Ways to Prevent Common Flat Roof Problems

4 Ways to Prevent Common Flat Roof Problems

Unlike residential roofs, a commercial roof can be a tad more difficult to take care of due to its lack of slope. In fact, according to roofing pros, this lack of slope makes it more susceptible to water damage and punctures. Luckily, it’s actually possible to avoid the common problems a flat roof can face. But how exactly does one do so?

Here are the four ways you can prevent the common flat roof problems you can experience.

1. Add Waterproof Coatings 

As stated before, commercial roofs are more susceptible to water damage compared to residential roofs. This means that improving your flat roof’s waterproofing is one of the things that you have to prioritize. One way you can accomplish this is by having a professional roofer apply a waterproof coating to your roof to prevent water from infiltrating and compromising the system.

2. Have the Roof Inspected 

Regular roof inspections are important for every roofing system as it allows expert roofers to spot and repair any damage that your roof sustains before it becomes a major problem. With that in mind, be sure to have a professional inspect your flat roof at least twice a year to prevent it from deteriorating earlier than it should.

3. Inspect and Clean the Gutters 

Apart from the roof itself, experts also recommend that you have a gutter and roofing contractor inspect and clean the gutter system as well. By doing so, the pro can repair any damages that your gutters may have sustained or remove any debris that may have accumulated, preventing it from overflowing and causing water damage to your flat roof.

4. Remove Debris 

Finally, you can also prevent common flat roof problems by removing any debris that falls on your roof, especially the organic materials as these can retain moisture that can seep beneath your roofing membrane and compromise the structural integrity of the roof.

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