4 Warning Signs That Your Roof Is Failing

4 Warning Signs That Your Roof Is Failing

Your roofing system may not always have visible problems. There are, however, some easy to spot warning signs that it is about to fail and will need replacing soon. A1 Roofing and Construction lists four tell-tale signs.

Roof failing

1. Cracked Shingles

The most obvious sign that your roofing is close to the end of its life is if the shingles are starting to crack or are developing blisters. Watch out for curling shingles, too, since this is often the prelude to them cracking and breaking apart. Shingles that crack or curl can’t be repaired anymore and need replacing.

2. Granules in the Gutters

Our roofing contractor suggests you have your roofing replaced if you notice a large amount of granules in your gutters. These granules are actually the protective waterproofing layer on your roofing that have stripped off due to elemental damage. Although shingle granules fall naturally into your gutters, too many granules is a sign that they’re not as waterproof as they once were anymore.

3. Damaged or Missing Flashings

The flashings are the thin metal strips you find in your roof’s most vulnerable parts, and their role is to simply prevent water from entering the roof. Consequently, they are one of the parts of your roof that gets worn down easily. If you notice that there’s a missing flashing on your roof, chances are your roof may already have extensive moisture damage.

4. Interior Water Damage

Finally, check and see if there’s water damage on your ceiling or inside your home. A roof that’s failing can no longer keep water at bay, and as a result, leaks are more likely to form. Check for puddles and pools of water as well, as these are obvious signs that your roof needs replacing soon.

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