4 Reasons to Pay Immediate Attention to Roof Leaks

4 Reasons to Pay Immediate Attention to Roof Leaks

Roofing leaks are a common problem. They are not an issue you can afford to ignore for a long time. Not attending to a leak can cause a variety of worse issues that might be costly to repair. For your home’s wellbeing, pay attention to your roof, and call your trusted roofing contractor if you discover any leaks.

4 Reasons to Pay Immediate Attention to Roof Leaks

Here’s a look at four dangers you can avoid when you deal with leaky roofs immediately:

  1. Structural DeteriorationWhenever water infiltrates your roofing system, it may drip on different areas, such as the attic, the attic floor, ceilings and walls. It can even flow through the framing and penetrate the walls. While this isn’t an immediate concern, constant water intrusion can cause wood to rapidly rot and deteriorate.  It’s also worth noting that extensive water damage can be costly to repair.
  2. Reduced Energy EfficiencyHigher utility bills are a side effect of constant roofing leaks, as water can gradually destroy insulation. When that happens, you can expect the weather to intrude into your home and cause your HVAC to work harder just to compensate. The result: higher bills.
  3. Mold and Mildew GrowthConstant exposure to moisture causes mold and mildew growth. While it may not seem like such an immediate concern, the fact is it can invade your HVAC system with time and eventually settle elsewhere, such as your carpets. It can lead to a variety of respiratory ailments, especially if you have an allergic family member.
  4. Fire and Shock HazardsDripping water can invade electrical wiring present in your attic or ceiling spaces. The bigger concern is that electrical wiring is hidden, so you may not even be aware that there is a threat to your safety. Should those wires short, you run the risk of shock or a fire.

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